Table Top TV Installs

Toowoomba TV Installation

DRTV Service are Toowoomba TV installation and repair professionals, performing tabletop TV installation for local homes and businesses since 1957. We install all brands, including the latest smart TV systems, and our friendly team will optimise your TV for your current equipment. Please note that we only perform tabletop installations, although we can direct you to a local audio-visual specialist or electrician if you require a wall-mounted system.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new house and need a specialised setup for all your equipment, or are just after a professional installation, we’ve got you covered. As authorised repairers for over nearly all major brands, we understand all the minute intricacies between models and we’ll optimise your new TV to work effectively with your other devices. Please give us a call on 07 46321044 to discuss our tabletop Toowoomba TV installation services.

Manual TV Tuning:

Usually, automatic TV tuning is a perfectly accurate way to tune a modern TV, however when we perform a professional TV installation in your home or business, we’ll make sure that your TV is accurately manually tuned depending on where your antenna is directed for maximum signal quality.

Specialised Installation:

We understand that you might have a specialised audio setup already arranged for you to cater for your other entertainment appliances. We’ll work with your existing audio-visual equipment, including amplifiers, blu-ray players and the like, optimising your setup for use with your new TV. If you’re after a wall-mounted installation, give us a call and we’ll be happy to refer you to a local audio-visual specialist or electrician in your area for a seamless wall-mounted installation.

Toowoomba TV Installation

Give DRTV Service a call on 07 46321044 or visit our shop to discuss our Toowoomba TV installation services. We install in most of the wider Toowoomba region.