Audio-visual Troubleshooting & DRTV Service FAQs

It’s only natural to want to try and get your TV, amplifier or other equipment working by yourself before getting a professional technician out to assess the problem, so we’ve set up an audio-visual troubleshooting / FAQ page for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the common questions we get about TV, amplifier, microwave and other appliance faults to try and narrow down any issues you’re having with your appliances. If none of this is any help, give our friendly team a call on 07 46321044 for over the phone advice or to arrange a repair assessment.

Do you guarantee your work and if so how long for?

Yes we guarantee our work for 3 months from completion date providing it is for the same fault.

Our remote control doesn’t work or we have lost it. Can we purchase another one from you?

Yes we can either repair your faulty remote or we can price a new remote but we will need the model number off the appliance it belongs to.

Is my faulty unit worth repairing?

This is one of the most common questions asked. We can assess your unit but it is best to call our team and we can then talk you through our process.

Do you provide insurance quotes?

Yes we do and to make the process a painless one for you, we can email the report directly to your insurance company the same day. Just provide your claim number and insurance company details when you come in and leave the rest to us.

I have an electronic device and I’m not sure if you repair it.

Just give us a call on 07 46321044 and talk to our office and they will advise if it something our technicians can assess.

Is physical or storm damaged items covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Sorry but any customer induced damage or storm damage is not covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty or Extended Warranties, however if you have contents insurance you may have coverage. Just give your Insurance Company a call and have a talk to them. We can then do a report for you.

I see you are only open Monday to Friday but I can only get in on Saturday as I live out of town.

No problem, give us a call and we can arrange an appointment.

Can you set up my new tv or if I move can you come and retune my TV?

Yes we can. Call our office and we will book an appointment and advise our Service Call costing.

My faulty TV is under Manufacturer’s Warranty but it is too big to bring into your workshop. Can you collect it and does it cost me anything?

Yes we can pick your unit up and deliver it once it is repaired. Generally it does not cost you anything to collect as most Manufacturers cover this in their warranty. Call us for more details.

My microwave’s light is blown, can I buy one and replace it myself?

We strongly suggest against this. Microwaves are extremely dangerous items as they still hold high charge even when unplugged. Leave it for our professionally trained technicians.