Spare Parts & Cables

Appliance Spare Parts Toowoomba

We sell appliance spare parts and cables from our Toowoomba store, including turntable styluses and belts, vacuum cleaner brushes and batteries, projector bulbs and more. DRTV Service are TV repair and installation professionals, established in Toowoomba over 60 years ago. If you’re unsure what part you’ll need, we provide advice based on your application and budget to get your TV or appliance working again, and we’ve got an in-house repairs team if your problem still persists.

Please give us a call on 07 46321044 to discuss our existing stock, or swing by our store and speak to one of our friendly team.

Record Player Styluses & Belts:

Just bought a vintage record player, or roaring the old one into life? We recommend replacing your stylus with a high-quality replacement to optimise audio quality and prevent scratching on your favourite vinyls, or at the very least bring it into our store for a quick once-over. Old and pointy styluses can damage vinyl, produce hissing audio and even skip through audio. We’ve got a variety of record player styluses at our store to suit nearly all record players. If your record player is in real dire shape, it may also be time to replace the belt, another part we’ve got in an array of sizes.

Spare and Replacement Cables:

We’ve got most general purpose audio-visual cables available in store, including:

  • Optical cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Antenna cables
  • RCA cables
  • Ethernet cables

All available in a range of lengths. Call us on 07 46321044 for specialised advice or to check our stock before popping in.

Miscellaneous Appliance Spare Parts:

We stock a number of general wear and tear components for various appliances, including robotic vacuum cleaner brushes and batteries, projector bulbs and filters and microwave plates. The main appliances we sell spare parts for are projectors, microwaves and vacuum cleaners, but don’t hesitate to give us a call if there’s a simple wear item on a household appliance that needs replacing – we may have it in stock from our previous repair work.

Appliance Repairs:

We perform repairs for an array of different appliances, including TVs, microwaves, amplifiers, speakers, projectors, vacuum cleaners and more. Give us a call or bring in your faulty equipment to discuss your repairs further.

Appliance Spare Parts & Cables

Visit our Toowoomba store to see our range of spare parts and cables for TVs, vacuums, microwaves, turntables, amplifiers and more, or give DRTV Service a call on 07 46321044 to see what existing stock we have available.