About DRTV Service: Toowoomba TV & Electronics Repair Experts

DRTV Service is a family-run television, radio and electronics repair company, run by husband and wife team Don and Deb. In 1957, Downs Radio was established by Don’s parents, before adapting their expertise to TVs as television gained more traction in Australia, changing the name to Downs Radio and Television, or DRTV. We’ve got a rich history as a local Toowoomba business and are one of Australia’s oldest TV and radio repair businesses. We’ve probably serviced TVs for just about every family in Toowoomba in our 60+ year history.

Over the years, we’ve shifted our expertise into other areas of technology, continually adapting our skills to provide quality factory-grade repairs to modern appliances and equipment, whilst still working on the things we know and love. This means repairing things like home theatres, while still working on a steady stream of vintage valve audio and TV equipment. We’re authorised repairers for nearly all TV, computer monitor and radio brands and perform plenty of warranty work for the Toowoomba and Ipswich area.

Our services include:

  • TV Repairs
  • Home Theatre Repairs
  • Vintage TV & Valve Equipment Repairs
  • Microwave Repairs
  • Vacuum Cleaner Repairs
  • Projector Repairs
  • Other Electronic Product Repairs
  • Authorised Servicing & Repairs
  • Insurance Reports

We’ve also got an extensive range of generic spare parts, remote controls and cables, such as HDMI and optical cables at our store for anyone installing a TV or amplifier setup at home.

Vintage Valve Appliance Repairs:

As we’ve been in the repair business for so long, we’re capable of performing vintage vacuum tube and valve circuit restorations to original spec. Whether it’s a complete re-wire and circuit restoration of your television, or a transformer replacement and service for your amplifier, we’ve got the knowledge and experience under our belt to repair just about any kind of appliance you bring in to us.

We’ll follow the original schematic and manufacturer’s service guide whenever it’s available, using NOS (new old stock) and replica parts wherever possible for the most vintage-accurate circuit restoration. If you’re restoring an old heirloom and want to bring it back to its former glory, we may be able to refer you to a local cabinetmaker to get it back in good cosmetic shape, too.